Our Team

Todd Alden

Hospitality Services Director

Todd joined our team in December of 2020. He has a passion for food and excellent service. Todd earned his bachelor's degree in Food Service Management from Johnson and Wales University and was certified as ProChef II from the Culinary Institute of America His highschool superlative: "most likely to own a restaurant" (close enough!)

Hannah Howard

Guest Experience Manager

Hannah has worked in the industry since high school and has a true passion for people. Favorite past jobs: ski instructing and lifeguarding Fun fact: Hannah once threw out the first pitch at a Red Sox game!

Beth Stipanov

Residential Dining Director

Chris Walls

Chef De Cuisine

With over two decades of professional culinary experience, Chef Walls has traveled the country cooking at prominent functions including a yearly stint at the prestigious Tennis Associations US Open. Outside of work: Chris enjoys cooking with his family and putting miles on his Harley Davidson.

Tabitha Mahoney

Catering Director

Tabitha has worked in the hospitality industry for over 25 years and loves to feed people and make them happy. You can find her rocking her catering events or dancing through the halls of Cheney and The Union. Outside of work: Tabitha enjoys hiking and hopes to travel to the Galapagos one day Fun fact: Tabitha is fluent in Swedish!

Michelle Connors

Hospitality Services Manager

Ben Duquette

Retail Dining Director

Hailey Handzel

Health and Wellness Manager

Hailey has degrees in both Psychology and Nutrition and Dietetics and completed her clinical training at Yale New Haven Hospital. Favorite hobbies: traveling and playing the piano What makes her day: seeing her newborn son's smile in the morning

Mary Deangelo

Office Manager

Mary attended Springfield College and has worked at Springfield College for 18 years. She enjoys working with such a wonderful group of people here at Springfield. Outside of work: Mary enjoys camping, spending time in nature and eating spanakopita. Yum!