Meal Exchanges

looking for more variety?

Meal Exchanges are a perfect way to mix up your routine each week. If you have either plan, you can visit our retail locations and choose a special, set meal for no extra charge! Meal exchanges refresh each week, so depending on what plan you choose you will have that set amount each week. Check out all the Meal Exchanges we offer at our retail locations below!


*Substitute Small Refresher for Medium Coffee*

#1  Bacon Egg and Cheese + Medium Coffee + Hashbrowns
#2  Sausage Egg and Cheese + Medium Coffee + Hashbrowns
#3  Bagel + Medium Coffee + Hashbrowns
#4  Two Donuts + Medium Coffee


12 inch Sub + Medium Fountain Drink

Choices Include:

Rotisserie Chicken
Cold Cut
Pepperoni and Cheese
Sweet Onion Teriyaki
Steak and Cheese
Buffalo Chicken
Veggie Patty

La Sabrosa

*All items include a medium fountain drink*

#1  Rice Bowl + Chips and Salsa
#2  Flour Burrito + Chips and Salsa
#3  Two Flour Tacos + Chips and Salsa
#4  Loaded Nachos
#5  Gluten Free Burrito
#6  Greens Bowl + Chips and Salsa
#7  Chicken Tenders + Potato Wedges
#8  Cheeseburger + Potato Wedges


*All items include a breadstick and medium fountain drink*

#1  Quinoa Bowl
#2  Pasta Bowl
#3  Mixed Greens Bowl
#4  Gluten Free Pasta Bowl


#1  Fresh Fruit Turnover + Medium Coffee
#2  Fresh Baked Bread + Medium Coffee