Meal Plans

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Find the perfect Meal Plan to fit your life on campus. Our dining team on campus is excited to welcome you to the table with a variety of different plans centered on authentic culinary experiences. We want to make dining on campus easy, so our plans offer access to a convenient combination of sit down meals, grab and go snacks, retail restaurants, marketplaces, coffee shops, guest meals, and more. Read about all of our available plans below and learn about the features of our plans.

2024-2025 Meal Plans

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Meal Swipes. All Access. Meal Exchanges. What does this all mean? Our plans come with a number of features to make your dining experience convenient and flexible. Learn about common terms below, or click the link to view our frequently asked questions!

Traditional Housing Resident

Any student living in Gulick, Reed, Massasoit, Abbey-Appleton, Alumni, International or Lakeside Hall. These students are required to purchase one of the All Access Meal Plans.

Apartment Style Housing Resident

Any student living in the Townhouses, Living Center, Graduate Living Center, or Senior Suites. These students are not required to purchase a meal plan, but can choose from any of our available plans if they choose to purchase one.

All Access Plan

All Access Plans, you can use as many meal swipes as you want throughout the semester in the dining halls. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, if we’re serving it in the dining halls, you can swipe to your heart’s content and try it all.

Block Plan

Living off-campus or in apartment style housing, and need more flexibility? With our Block Plans, you can choose a set number of meals for the year, depending on how often you’d like to eat on campus. Block Swipes can be used in dining halls as Meal Swipes, or at on-campus retail locations as a Meal Exchange.