New Semester, New Vision

We are excited to have students back on campus for another semester! Over the Fall semester and Winter break we worked closely with the SGA and other campus leaders to gain student feedback to build your dining program.

Covid-19 precautions: We have partnered with Springfield College to install plexiglass dividers at each table. All tables have been appropriately spaced out and we ask that students do not move tables or chairs. Students will be able to dine in The Table @ Cheney beginning on February 1st and all tables are now 2 students to a table. We have increased our sanitation practices and ask that students practice social distancing and proper facial covering wearing. We are working hard to expedite lines while still creating authentic, scratchmade cuisine.

Dining “for the students, by the students”: This semester, our menus were built based on your feedback. Over Winter break students were able to submit menu and pop up ideas through our Instagram page. We have included all of these suggestions into our menus for this semester. Have an idea you’d like to share? Write it on a napkin and hang it on our famous #napkintalk wall at The Table @ Cheney Hall. Follow us to submit more ideas through the semester, or stop by and see us in Cheney!

Retail Highlights:

Over the course of Winter Break students submitted new names for Union Station (the dining area in The Union). Students voted weekly on Instagram and after a very close race, we are introducing “Pride’s Place” where students of Springfield College can fuel their spirit, mind, and body. Come check it out!

Introducing our newest concept, La Sabrosa. We are bringing our culinary commitments to life with this brand new, first in the country, concept. La Sabrosa combines scratchmade, locally sourced, ingredients to create a samba of flavors. Our culinarians carefully crafted this never before seen menu and are excited to bring it to Pride’s Place. With La Sabrosa, we are bringing transparent menus to retail. All of our menu offerings for this restaurant have been analyzed by our Registered Dietitian and all nutritional and allergen information is available right here on our website.

For us, this is just the beginning. Over the course of the Spring semester we will be testing out 4 other restaurant concepts through week-long station takeovers at The Table @ Cheney Hall and pop up tastings around campus. Students will vote all semester long on their favorite restaurants. At the end of the semester, the students will decide which restaurants will become permanent in Pride’s Place for the upcoming Fall semester.

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