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personalized information

We recognize your dietary needs in a way that’s personalized, sensitive and supportive. We pride ourselves on working with you and our culinary teams to make sure that you find the food that fits your life. Learn about how we make it easier for you to tell what is in your food!

Our Menus

Our menus are written by our chefs at each of our dining locations and analyzed by our Health and Wellness team for dietary and allergen information. You can find menu items and nutrition information for breakfast, lunch and dinner both on our website and on digital menu boards in our restaurants.

Top 9 Allergens

Peanuts and peanut products are used as ingredients in dishes at other dining locations. Students with a peanut allergy are advised to take caution with bakery items and Asian dishes where peanuts may be included in sauces. Peanut oil is not used as an ingredient in any of our chef crafted recipes.


Our Health and Wellness teams work with our culinarians to flag dishes that utilize ingredients that contain the Top 8 allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, milk, eggs, and wheat. This information is available both on our digital menu boards and on our website.